Al Shafie Miles is a business intelligence consultancy specialising in the Middle East and North Africa.

Drawing on a network of highly experienced consultants we help our clients develop their strategic and commercial interests in the region.

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'Exceptionally valuable analyses - timely, insightful and cogent'

Ray Close, former CIA Middle East specialist

‘ Since WAND and the Al Shafie Miles Bulletins began I have been reading them closely. They are unique and very valuable source of information on wide variety of Middle Eastern problems. I would urge anyone who wants to follow events in this area to read them regularly.’

Özdem Sanberk, retired ambassador; former permanent undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara.

'We have been thoroughly enjoying the WAND newsletters, which are highly topical and exceptionally well written (and therefore a pleasure to read).  The combination of accessible tone and authoritative commentary is especially appealing, and a significant differentiator from the great churn of available media commentary and analysis on the Middle East.'

Michael A. Innes, Director and CEO, Thesiger and Co. ltd

‘ Illuminating commentary which very much helped me remain in touch with developments across the Arab world. ’

George Morton, independent banking consultant with more than twenty years' experience in Gulf banking, until recently a director of the European Islamic Investment Bank

‘ We depend on good market intelligence and analysis. WAND offers us a level of informed commentary which is unique and much valued. It has the colour and credibility which is lacking in many of the more widely available but sterile open sources of information. ’

Stephen White, President, Systematic UK

‘Getting your emails – love them - Just want to let you know your analysis is ‘spot on’!’

Pat Mancino, Executive Vice President, National Council on U.S.- Arab Relations